Targeted advertising for Marathon "Twine for 30 days"
A ready-made marathon has been created, applications for participation are needed
Advertising extension
In the process of work, we were able to get more than 3,000 leads
After determining the target audience, it was decided to show all ads only through Facebook ADS

Based on the tests, the finished setting turned out:

Geo: Ukraine (major cities)
Age: 18-45
Gender: female
Devices: All mobile and desktop
Placements: Instagram and Facebook (Feed, stories)
Ad Type: Lead Generation

End result - less than 3.50 UAH per lead for GEO in Ukraine
Since the result of advertising in Ukraine turned out to be very good, it was decided to expand advertising by covering another country.

The marathon was created in Russian, and accordingly expanded to Russia, namely the city of Moscow.

Lead price - 10.5 UAH
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