From analysis to launch - 3 days!
Targeted advertising is one of the best tools for getting quick feedback on your ads, researching the market, and establishing an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience.

To get the best result, we combine tools. In addition to the full package of targeted advertising, we offer:

- One-time setting of targeted advertising
Within 3-5 days we will set up and launch advertising campaigns

- Advertising account audit
We will determine the key growth points for the effectiveness of your advertising

- Targeted ads for Facebook
Paid promotion on Facebook

- Targeted advertising for Instagram
Paid promotion on Instagram

- Consulting
Consultation on any issue


Reach and scale of the audience
Every day, a large number of users visit their pages to read news, see likes / comments, etc. - accordingly, we can cover a large segment of these users

Exact hit in your target audience
Showing ads only to users that we have chosen ourselves

Flexible advertising settings
Ability to fine-tune by age, gender, geography, geolocation and other parameters

Access to any audience
With targeted advertising, your business gains access to the audience at different stages of decision making

Opportunity to promote without a website
Well suited for small businesses, as it is not necessary to create a website

Low entry threshold
You can attract an audience from social networks even with a small budget
Instagram, Facebook, Google ADS
Targeted advertising (Targeting)
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