Promoting Instagram without bots and problems
Get a real target audience on Instagram without bots, without wasting time, without questionable contests and unnecessary problems!
Insta WeBot
One device for one account

It works directly through the mobile Internet

Does not use robotic mechanics

All activity takes place directly in the smartphone through the official application

Maximum efficiency

Why is WeBot better than other services?

Insta WeBot

Cloud service (site)
❌ Connects to a banned API account

❌ Login to the account several times per session

❌ Uses third-party proxies and user agents

❌ Very often leads to account ban

❌ Works unstable or does not work at all

Features of Insta WeBot software

Mas following

The program makes subscriptions from your account to the audience you need. Users see that you follow them and if they are interested in your account, they follow back

Mass liking of publications

The program likes from your account the posts of users you have chosen. The function also brings followers, but is more suitable for attracting likes in return

Mass viewing

It is a mass viewing of stories. The program will be able to view the first few stories of each user from the list. THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY OF PROMOTION IN 2024

Removing bots

Allows you to increase the reach of the account by removing inactive and non-targeted followers. These can be determined by the date of the last publication, keywords, etc.

Search + Filter

Parser collects followers of a specific user; everyone who liked or commented on the publication; or those who geotag or hashtag and then filter them

Mass Liking Stories

Works as an effective supplement to MassLooking. There are no limits for this function either, the application physically cannot exceed them due to the correct operation of the limits

Mass unsubscribe

The function is required to periodically reset outgoing subscriptions. One Instagram account has a limit on their number, at the moment it is 7500 followers

Audience import and export

In the service, you can download your list of Instagram logins for mass following or mass liking, or download the collected audience to a txt file for personal use

What is the point of promotion?

Using Instagram algorithms, we have built a new method of promotion based on the interaction of your profile with potential subscribers.


  • Your profile views and reacts (likes, answers questions, etc.) to Stories
  • Leave comments and likes
  • Watch Reels in high volumes
  • Interacts with a large number of people

What does it give? The combination of these actions allows your profile to become "super-active" in the eyes of Instagram, which in turn increases the attention of users to you. As a result, all your content gets more reach, impressions and interactions. With regular content publication, your profile starts to grow ORGANIC, which is impossible to do with any other promotion method

How to start promotion?

1. Application submission

You leave an application and indicate what you expect to receive

2. Audience gathering

Use targeting filters to gather your TARGET audience or outsource the work to us

3. Launch promotion

We start work according to your parameters and get the desired result

Answers to questions FAQ

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